Monday, June 25, 2018

6:47 p.m. The Senate adjourned until 10 a.m. Tuesday, whereupon it will reconvene and resume post-cloture consideration of the motion to proceed to the farm bill.

6:40 p.m. By voice vote, the Senate has confirmed the nomination of Frank T. Brogan of Pennsylvania to be Assistant Secretary of Education for Secondary Education. The Senate agreed to take up, at a time agreed upon by leaders, the nomination of James Blew to be an assistant education secretary.

6:39 p.m. By a vote of 89 to 3, the Senate invoked cloture on motion to proceed to the farm bill, H.R. 2. NAY votes were Heller, Lee and Menendez. NOT VOTING: Booker, Cortez Masto, Duckworth, Flake, Graham, Klobuchar, McCain, Sullivan.

6:06 p.m. HR 5895, the “minibus” appropriations bill was agreed to 86-5.

Senators voting against: Gillibrand, Lee, Markey, Paul and Warren.

Not voting: Booker, Cortez Masto, Duckworth, Flake, Graham, Isakson, Klobuchar, McCain, Sullivan.

5:30 p.m. Roll call vote began on passage of HR 5895, the appropriations bill for energy, water, legislative branch, veterans and military construction.

5:14 p.m. Senator Shelby spoke about appropriations.

5:00 p.m. Senator Leahy spoke about appropriations.

4:56 p.m. Senator Schatz spoke about appropriations.

4:40 p.m. Senator Alexander spoke about appropriations.

4:35 p.m. Senator Boozman spoke about appropriations.

4:33 p.m. Senator Daines spoke about appropriations.

4:21 p.m. Senator Grassley spoke about the Farm Bill.

4:07 p.m. Senator Nelson spoke about immigration.

3:54 p.m. Senator Schumer spoke about immigration.

3:36 p.m. Senator Cornyn spoke about immigration.

3:16 p.m. Majority Leader McConnell spoke about Medal of Honor winner Garlin Merle Connor. He spoke about the appropriations and farm bills. He spoke about the tax program.


The Senate will convene at 3:00 pm. Following any Leader remarks, the Senate will resume consideration of H.R.5895, Minibus Appropriations.

At 5:30 pm, the Senate will proceed to 2 roll call votes on the following:

  1. Passage of H.R. 5895, Minibus Appropriations, as amended
  2. Motion to invoke cloture on the motion to proceed to H.R.2, Farm Bill