The Senate Press Gallery in the U.S. Capitol is home to journalists who cover the U.S. Senate. More than 1,500 correspondents hold the press credential that grants access to the gallery and the rest of the Capitol complex. At any given time, as many as 100 correspondents work in the offices adjacent to the viewing gallery inside the Senate chamber.

Gallery membership by organization

The five members of the Standing Committee of Correspondents supervise the gallery’s operations, uphold its rules and approve applications for credentials to cover both houses of Congress. Standing Committee members are elected to 2-year terms by credentialed reporters.

Standing Committee of Correspondents

A professional staff of six assists correspondents and administers the gallery’s work.

Director: Laura Lytle

Deputy Director: Chris Bois

Senior Media Relations Coordinator: Amy Gross

Senior Media Relations Coordinator: Kristyn Socknat

Senior Media Relations Coordinator: Laura Reed

Media Relations Coordinator: Samantha Hulley